Australian Gold Sunscreen

Australian Gold is the world’s leading brand in sun protection & tanning products, known for its delicious fragrance, unique bronzers and high quality skin care ingredients.

Through the use of unique ingredients, Australian Gold ® provides superior efficacy along with essential vitamins for added moisture and protection for the skin. By incorporating its one of a kind Bronzing technology into their SPF formulas, Australian Gold ® combines sun protection and great color.

EU compliant (CPNP-registrations), FDA & COLIPA Tested- All Sun Protection Factor products are tested to the new approved standards for Europe and the US

UVA & UVB Protection -Different levels of protection available for both wavelengths of UV Light to help protect the epidermis and dermis from sun damage.

Water / Sweat Resistant- Designed for an active lifestyle to help retain protection

#1 FRAGRANCE RECOGNIZED WORLD WIDE - Australian Gold’s signature fragrance has a scent unlike any other. It is a combination of fruity and floral aromas including orange and banana with a sweet background of vanilla.