Support & Compression

Solidea Fashion Compression

Keep up with the times! Solidea technology offers curative and preventive products that are fashionable as well as being extremely effective for venous insufficiencies. With incomparable softness and elegance, compression from 8 mmHg to 46 mmHg, and offering the same functions as the traditional graduated compression "Granny Stockings", Solidea products are a breath of fresh air for women and men who need to wear medical compression, but who want to look chic and modern.

A revolutionary technology is used when producing Solidea products and it have taken years to get this kind of quality. They only uses materials from European quality suppliers in Italy, France and Germany. Solidea is produced in Italy and their special fabric technology makes it unnecessary to use "honeycomb-stitching". Instead, the stockings are made with a soft and smooth stitch that makes them light, comfortable and transparent.

They have a wide range of colors, sizes and models. Solidea has materials with special features like Bacteriostatic, Silver Line, Red Wellness (FIR), and more.

Solidea Orthopedic Compression

Solidea Silver Support is a line of elastic bandage for prevention and treatment of joint pathologies Wrist, elbow, knee and ankle. They are all made of silver ions bacteriostatic yarn.

Fireactiv Support & Recovery

Fireactiv® is a revolutionary range of lifestyle products that offer secure joint and muscle support combined with deep heat FIR (Far infrared).

It may be used simply as a secure joint and limb support or with the detachable and interchangeable heat pads. Wear as a pain relief rather than taking oral pain killers, as part of the warm up program, or to maintain circulation to the muscles post physical activity.