Flexfit Kryptek®

The tactical Kryptek® cap brings together a timeless look with a camouflage pattern to keep your style high performing in any terrain. Whether your roaming the back country on an adventure, these unique Kryptek® patterns are proven to be the most effective in concealment. The patterns have been tested and approved by many of the leading military professionals and outdoor enthusiasts and are designed with water repellent properties to ensure high performance stay dry technology. 

Flexfit MultiCam®

With five distinct and military approved patterns, MultiCam® patterns were developed to effectively limit the visual and near-infrared signature of a person operating in any environment from deep snow to the tropics. MultiCam® caps are made to withstand the elements in a variety of styles and patterns to perfectly acclimate to wherever your adventure takes you. This is a tactical outdoor brands favourite.

Flexfit Veil Camo™

Veil Camo™  is designed with unique camouflage to adapt and conceal landscapes. The foundation is grounded in the natural world, then scientifically and artfully combined with knowledge of how camouflage fools the brain. The Veil patterns engage selective palettes derived from colors & shades found in environments for which they’re created. They also cross reference vision & perception research. It's a proven concealment principle in every pattern, and maximize your performance in any terrain.

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