Flexfit Caps

Flexfit is one of the world's largest vendors of custom, private label headwear. Nearly two decades ago, they engineered the original FLEXFIT® hat. Today, Flexfit offer products that reflect that same creative spirit and unbending commitment to quality: 110® Adjustables, 210 FITTED®, THE CLASSICS®, DELTA and of course, the original FLEXFIT®. And we will continue to cradle an unbridled passion to raise headwear standards and to change the world, one hat at a time. 

"Flexfit make hats. It’s the only game we know."

Flexfit Beanies

Flexfit Beanis are made of quality knits with high grade, cutting-edge hypoallergenic acrylic, allowing for tight weave and maximum comfort.

Knitted beanies from Flexfit never skimp on quality. They are warm enough for the winter days, yet light enough to be worn whatever the weather, achieving effortless fashion without comprising on durability and quality.

Jozh Page Underwear

Jozh Page Fashion underwear are high quality and long lasting socks and panties with OEKO-TEX100 certification. They are made for both everyday, sport and outdoor use. 

All items are made of high quality sustainable bamboo or merino wool, to maintain an outstanding comfort and optimise fitting during workout or daily use.

Our bamboo underwear is environmentally friendly. It doesn't deal with intensive chemical treatments, use of large amount of water and pesticides. Therefore Jozh Page bamboo underwear has been made with a healthier and safer cultivation process.

The bamboo material is naturally breathable, contain natural anti-odor and anti-fungi substances, and are known to be hypo-allergenic!

Jozh Page is your guaranty for high quality and affordable products.