About us

Agenta Group is known for delivering sales concepts that provide high turnover per square meter. Our goal is to be perceived as a committed, helful and flexible partner that sells profitable product concepts. We are 100% customer oriented.

Therefore, after-sales service is just as important as the delivery of goods or the product concept. If problems arise, we want to be an active contributor to solving the problem. Regardless of whether the cause is our fault or of others. We want to do this because we know that a solution-oriented attitude is what it takes to expect mutual good and long term cooperation, and to be able to maximise joint turnover.

As our partner, we want you to know that our motivation are based on development, improvements and market adaptation. We do not have Europe in our mind, but the Nordic countries. Our goal is related to the preparation of concepts that can characterise the surroundings and provide maximum revenue and profits on the space we have been allocated. You should rest assured that the concepts we have developed are the best for you store and your customers.

Good relations with all stakeholders are of the utmost importance to our future. Our customers shall have faith in our assessments, products and how we do business. Our staff is treated with respect and thoughtfulness. Our suppliers shall be secure in our mutual agreement. And we foster good ethics, a healthy environment and take global responsibility.

We hope to see you soon if you're still not part of our team.

Do not hesitate contacting us, if you have any feedback or questions.


Agenta Group has been working towards a sustainable world long before 2000 and woke became everyday speech. And we still do. Sustainability and inclusiveness are in our blood.

Being a sustainable pioner has been costly. Partly because our choices of materials and production methods/-requirements are more costly, and partly because sustainable products has been, and still are, treated as non-circular by organisations like the Green Dot, etc.

Despite these facts we're still on the edge of innovation, and working towards changing the market, bit by bit, without deterioration of neither quality or durability. This is only achievable in collaboration with our suppliers, co-workers and you as a retailer.

At the heart of our operations there are people, like you and us. They are maybe not as privileged as us, which are born in the Nordics, but they are of same value. We have therefore always been focusing on the rights of children, international labour and human rights standards, the right to be part of a trade union and the right of an inclusive workplace.

To succeed in tomorrow's market we're therefore building a diverse set of resilient resources of people, knowhow, partners and products. Together we can take ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future and do changes that matters.

Transparency Act

Agenta Group has been a forerunner and an early developer of a wide set of Code of Conducts directed at its suppliers and its subcontractors. Our Code of Conduct is based on OECD guidelines and a prerequisite for any suppliers for doing business with us.

Even though we acknowledges that legislation and cultural patterns vary across the world, and that suppliers consequently operate under different circumstances, we have set a basic set of requirements for our suppliers. It forms the basis upon which Agenta Group will evaluation its supplier’s compliance with our requirements and expectations. Therefore, in cases where the law in question is more comprehensive than our “Code of Conduct”, current law applies. And in cases where our “Code of Conduct” is more comprehensive than the law in question, our “Code of Conduct” applies.

Through our Code of Conduct we put special focus on Child Labour (according to ILO #138 & 146), The Working Environment, The Right to Organise (according to ILO #87, 98 & 135, among others), Social Responsibility (according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights art. 19, among others), Environmental Issues (according to ISO 14000, among others) and the Protection of Animals.

Do not hesitate contacting us if you have any feedback or questions.